Tamilnadu FMCG Stockists Association

(Chennai Unit) - Reg.No.270/92

24 Jun 2011

Dear Members/ Britannia Distributors,

Find below the content of the letter sent from your association to Mr.Amit Kapur, Regional Sales Manager, Britannia Industries Ltd., Chennai. Protesting against their sudden and oral withdrawal of unloading charges.

An Emergency Executive Committee Meeting of all our Town and District Associations was held today, (23.06.2011) at Chennai in view of your above decision.

The Distributors fraternity, as a whole, is surprised and shocked at your decision since the recent inflation and petrol price hikes have terribly declined our already slender profits. In addition, due to very high industrialisation activities going on in the State of Tamil Nadu the distributors fraternity is suffering with shortage of manpower thereby increasing our cost very sizeably year by year towards manpower expenditure.

Your action will certainly set a very bad precedent for many manufacturers operating in this State. Hence I am sure you will appreciate our genuine concern in this regard.

We request you to look at an alternative option to offset your financial pinch like passing it on to the consumers and protecting not only your distributors but also the entire distribution fraternity failing which the already shrinking number of distributors in the State will continue.

We once again appeal to you for a sincere and express withdrawal action for the benefit of our FMCG Trade and Industry.

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