Federation of South India Distributors Association's

(State Unit) - Reg.No.270/92

In October 2012, Tamilnadu Association hosted a meeting for South Indian State FMCG & Telecom Distributors. Leaders from Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra, Pondicherry & Tamilnadu discussed in depth the trade issues faced by FMCG & Telecom distributors and the day to day problems faced by them, while conducting their daily business transactions with the frontline field force of manufactures apart from the routine problems like labor, finance, logistics etc.

All the leaders from those South Indian states debated in length to conclude that there is lack of security, growth, and profitability for the FMCG & Telecom Distributors, and unless all the FMCG & Telecom distributors joined together under one banner to enforce justice, fight exploitations, and promote prosperity to the FMCG & Telecom distributors fraternity and trade, this trend will not change.

All those delegates unanimously resolved to create a Federation of South India Distributors Association’s and elected Mr.Shyam Prasad Menon, Kerala State President as the 1st President of the Federation and authorised him to conduct the activities of the federation and also elect his own team. Federation President Mr.S.P.Menon appointed Tamilnadu State Secy P.M. Ganeshraam as the 1st General Secretary of the federation and Mr. Ch.Krishna, State President of Andhra as 1st Vice-President of the Federation.

This organisation is serving for the interests and welfare of thousands of distributors all over southern Indian region.

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