Tamilnadu FMCG Stockists Association

(Chennai Unit) - Reg.No.270/92

FMCG Trade & Industry

Next to agriculture, for India and Indians FMCG trade provides job & business opportunities in plenty. It is noteworthy to mention that FMCG trade has been, Is, and will be the backbone of Indian economy.

An estimated 150 organized and 2000 unorganized manufacturers, 2 lacs Distributors, 1.2 crore small and big retailers survive on a daily basis by involving themselves in the FMCG trade, apart from 1 lac top management executives, 5 lacs middle management executives, 20 lacs frontline sales promoters in addition to 20 lacs computer data operators, helper boys tricycly boys, auto and van drivers, billing and cash collecting salesman etc., not including an estimated 5 crore shop boys engaged in retail shops interacting with consumers.

FMCG trade which had an estimated turnover of Rs. 70000 crores per annum in 1999, has now exploded beyond Rs. 100000 crores in 2005, and expected to grow at a minimum rate of 10% per annum to double its present turnover by the year 2015.

History of Tamilnadu FMCG Sotickists Association

In the year 1992, a small bunch of experienced FMCG Distributors met over a cup of coffee to discuss the day to day problems faced by them, while conducting their daily business transactions with the frontline field force of manufactures apart from the routine problems like labor, finance, logistics etc.

T he four muskeeters Late Mr. Bakthavatsalu, Mr.P.M.Ganeshraam, Mr.A.Chokalingam and Mr. Sushil debated in length to conclude that there is lack of security, growth, and profitability for the FMCG Distributors, and unless all the FMCG distributors joined together under on banner to enforce justice, fight exploitations, and promote prosperity to the FMCG distributors fraternity and trade, this trend will not change.

M ahatma Gandhi to fight the British required an institution called “Indian National Congress” understanding that his mission will not succeed, with individual activity. Taking clue from the success of Mahatma Gandhi, this 4 muskeeters spread the GROUP BARGAIN CONCEPT to another 30 co distributors in Chennai, and on 27th September 1992 gave birth to this phenomenal service organization called TAMILNADU CONSUMER PRODUCTS STOCKISTS ASSOCIATIONS, by utilizing the experience and expertise of Tamilnadu Chemists and Druggists Association. The first office bearers were Mr. R.Srinivasan – President, Mr. Kmalchand Jain Secy, Mr.S.Sivaprakasam – Treasurer, Mr. A.Chokklinkgam & Mr. P.M.Ganesh Raam – Join Secs.

R elentless field and communication work by the volunteers helped in the transformation of the Chennai based organization into a state level organization in 1994 at the state level convenion held at Trichy on 17th July 1994, with Chennai as administrative headquarters.

A t present this organization is serving in the interests and welfare of over 5000 distributors in the state.

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