Tamilnadu FMCG Distributors Association

(State Unit) - Reg.No.270/92

In the year 1994 TAMILNADU Chief Minister Selvi. J. Jayalalitha introduced Double Point Taxation with the sole objective of increasing Revenue to the State exchequer.

Unfortunately while the trading fraternity wished to co-operate with TN.Government it became practically impossible, since the modality specified by Department of Commercial Taxes was pushing the landing beyond MRP rates, hence the trade was not able to collect tax from consumers.

P.M.Ganeshraam, Gen.Secretary of TAMILNADU FMCG Distributors Association, chennai after making appeal to the Chief Minister conducted numerous Educational meetings to FMCG distributors across the lenth & breadth of TAMILNADU.

Within few months Sales Tax department slapped notices to many distributors, hence Chennai Distributors organised peaceful protest following with 3 days of stopping Distribution. In addition to this P.M.Ganeshraam with his team of dedicated field workers traveled throughout the state and created numerous Town & Districts Association.

After extensive field work a State Level FMCG Distributors Conference was held in Trichy on 7th July 1992 with the support of TRICHY CONSUMER PRODUCTS DISTRIBUTORS ASSOCIATION. More than 1700 Distributors across the state participated to upgrade Chennai Association activities at State Level.

In this Conference the following were elected as state leaders :- President - R.Srinivasan, Hon.Gen.Secretary - P.M.Ganeshraam, Treasurer - Late. A.Chokakalingam, all from Chennai and Vice - Presidents S.Soundararajan from Vellore, Mohanshanker from Coimbatore, S.Devasenapathy from Tirunelveli and Late Kannan from Kanchipuram and Jt.Secretaries S.Kalliaperumal from Trichy, Ramalingam from Salem, Velladurai from Tirunelveli, K.Chandrasegaran from Kanchipuram and all Town & Districts Presidents / Secretaries & Treasurers represented the State Executive Committees.

In August 1994 Chief Minister J.Jayalalitha invited State President R.Srinivasan & Gen. Secretary P.M.Ganeshraam for talks to understand our concerns. After discussion she felt that our Association was genuinely expressing the difficulties of traders and promised to provide suitable solutions.

On 10th October 1994 Chief Minister J.Jayalalitha announced total withdrawal of Double Point Taxes w.e.f 1st April 1994 and saved the traders of the State.

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